Straw Size Matters

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Two days ago, I recommended Target’s up&up brand of flexible straws. Why so specific? Is Target sponsoring these posts? In a word: no. (Hint hint, Target! =D) So why these in particular?

Up&up straws from Target

For this model, the size of the straws is critical—specifically, the length-to-diameter ratio. If the straws you use are too long/skinny (like the ones below from Market Basket), the finished model turns out wobbly and unsteady, as if it (appropriately!) drank a bit too much.

My straws are too big!

On the other hand, use straws that are too short/fat and they simply can’t squeeze past each other. If you find those perfect Goldilocks straws—not too long, not too short, but just right—they keep Straws Thingy perfectly snug and sturdy. And in this regard, Target’s up&up straws hit a bulls-eye.

Target logo

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