Step 2 (Hard Mode)

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Tom Hull’s Five Intersecting Tetrahedra is beloved by origami enthusiasts (myself included!) not only for its beauty but also, in part, because assembly is a challenging and rewarding puzzle, requiring dexterous spacial reasoning and a touch of trial and error. So, for the truly adventurous among us, those who really enjoy doing things the hard way, your Step 2 is this:

Step 2 (Unnecessarily Hard Mode): Put all the straws in the right place, and you’re done!

This is an even more challenging puzzle, and therefore (hopefully) more rewarding—but at the same time, significantly less accessible. For those that choose this route, take these reference images to guide your journey, and godspeed! For those that would prefer a bit more (or perhaps a lot more) guidance, rest easy—help is on the way, in the form of Step 3, Step 4, Step 5…




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