Get Ready for NaBloPoMo 2015!

[This is post #1 in a mini-blog-post series for NaBloPoMo 2015. Jump to the next post.]

Welcome back to Three Cornered Things!

I’ve been hoping to restart this blog for a while now, and I have lots of topics and new projects that I’m excited to share with you! What I haven’t had lately includes: (1) a clear picture of exactly how I want to present this new content, and (2) the confidence and self-compassion to charge ahead without part (1).

That’s why I’m challenging myself to this month’s NaBloPoMo. With one (tiny!) blog post each day this month, let’s delve gradually but deeply into a small, recent project that I have thoroughly enjoyed designing, iterating on, and sharing locally through friends and workshops and events, but haven’t yet been able to write up for public viewing.

This challenge sets me up to accomplish this gradually, confident that by the end of the month I’ll have shared everything I hope to on this one project, and insecure in the fact that, as of this first post, I have no clue what the rest will look like beyond a very preliminary outline.

See you tomorrow!

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