Step 3: Scaffolding!

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Hi, guys, let’s keep going! Step 3 comes in two parts: first, ignore Step 2.

OK, don’t ignore it completely. The difficulties it raises are real—the arrangement is tricky, and the straws just don’t want to stay put. So here’s my solution to both at once: Scaffolding!

To make this project as accessible as possible (without losing the thrill of the build!), I designed a paper scaffold that helps guide the straws’ arrangement and also helps keep the straws in place during assembly. You can obtain the scaffold template by clicking “Add to Cart” below, for a fair price.


Now, about the pricing: First and foremost, I want these plans to remain easily accessible, and therefore available for free (yes, free!). If you aren’t comfortably able to pay for these plans, please don’t—use the free option. Otherwise, a few dollars (or whatever you consider a fair price!) would be greatly appreciated, and would go a long way toward my endeavors to create and share more projects like this. Thank you!

Finally, here’s the second half of Step 3: Click “Add to Cart” above to download and print the template. Then, gather the other supplies we’ll need: scissors (or hobby knife), hole puncher, stapler, and staple remover (in case of emergency!).


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