Mirror Thingy on the Wall

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If you step in front of a mirror, don’t be alarmed if your Thingy looks a bit strange—your Straws Thingy, that is.


The Straws Thingy is not identical to its mirror image! In other words, it is chiral. Here’s a physical copy of this mirror image for closer inspection. (This is two real thingys side-by-side. I didn’t just flip the picture.)


One way to tell them apart is to look at their driving conduct. If we imagine cars driving toward and past each other along edges, starting at neighboring vertices (in this case, blue and green), the cars will keep to the right side of the road. In the mirror images, they keep left.


Seen a different way, as the straws spiral outward from the center of a face, they spiral counterclockwise for our original, but clockwise in the mirror image.


And as we saw yesterday, the original and the mirror image each have two distinct color schemes. So there are really four different Straws Thingys! I couldn’t resist building all of them.


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