But Wait, There’s More!

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To finish yesterday’s train of thought, how should you proceed if you wanted to make some mirror image Straws Thingys?


You you could pull some trickery and print the scaffold in mirror image (do printers make this easy to do?), but it’s equivalent to just assemble the regular scaffold inside-out and look at the ink from behind. Follow the arrows and elbows as normal, just from the other side of the paper.


That way, you can make a nice, complete collection of all four Stra…


What?! Can it wait? I’m trying to finish a blog post here!

Well, it’s just, uh, there’s another one here to see you.

Another what?

Um, another Straws Thingy.


That’s the same as before! What does this Thingy think it is, claiming to be new and different…

Well, it is, um, very insistent. Maybe you could ask them? (Reduce to conspiratorial whisper.) The readers? (Cue strings.)

Yes, perhaps you’re right. Readers? It looks like we have another game of Spot the Difference on our hands! What makes this Straws Thingy different from the other Straws Thingys?


(Original on the left, insistent interloper on the right.)

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